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Michael Charles - 19+ (2 CD + 1 DVD in a triple CD package)

COVID-19 resulted in the demise of my 2020 touring schedule.  My thirteenth consecutive tour spanning the USA, Canada, and Australia would not happen.  Therefore, to stay united with my following, fans, audiences, and fellow musicians during the pandemic, I retreated into the studio alone, with no engineer, no typical crew hovering about, to video record some songs to premier weekly on the social networks.  The videos received a tremendous reaction and the audio from the first nine sessions eventually became the downloadable album, “19”.
The weeks turned into months but at the end of three months a light shone at the end of the tunnel.  Still not able to tour, we, with much caution, brought the band into the studio to informally record just for the sole purpose of entertaining over the internet. The views, once more, astounding.  Unfortunately, after four weeks we went back into full shut down mode and the sessions came to an end.  
Now after thirteen longs month of quarantine the reality became apparent, these thirteen sessions were the “2020 tour”.  Even though these raw videos and recordings were originally created only with the sole intention of broadcasting them on the social networks, and never to come out on disc, it was after the months turn in to a year plus, the decision did eventually come about to release all the video recordings and more, onto CD’s and DVD, developing into the project you are reading about right now, 19+.
19+ will play a unique part in my sixty year career as it moves forward my discography, but even more importantly, becomes a testimonial, a historical reference, and an explanation of my work during the pandemic and reveals how I glued 2019 and 2021 together.
Michael Charles (from the liner notes of 19+)

Disc 1:
1 MC Shuffle [Live in studio]  6:08

2 Vision Of Two [Live in studio]  5:11

3 Most Times We Got It [Live in studio] 4:13

4 Play A Simple Tune [Live in studio]  3:40

5 Hard Days And Long Nights [Live in studio]  1:04

6 Long Way To Go [Live in studio]  6:16

7 Sunshine Lady [Live in studio] 3:49

8 My Woman Darn Left Me [Live in studio] 3:52

9 Coming Back Home [Live in studio] 3:14

10 Must Be On My Own [Live in studio]  5:00

11 Another Time [Live in studio] 4:58

12 Crawling On The Floor [Live in studio]  3:35

13 Started Again [Live in studio] 3:45

14 Imaginations And Mind Games [Live in studio]  4:49

15 Time Just Keeps Calling [Live in studio]  4:57

16 Work So Hard [Live in studio] 3:43

17 I'm Nobody's Fool [Live in studio]  4:03

Disc 2:
1 Angel Eyes [Live in studio]   3:34

2 Dialogue #1     1:43

3 Keep Walking [Live in studio]  6:46

4 Dialogue #2    :13

5 Gave You My Heart [Live in studio]  10:08

6 All I Really Know [Live in studio]  3:37

7 Step By Step [Live in studio]  5:36

8 Dialogue #3    :17

9 My Shadow [Live in studio]  8:32

10 Funk 'n' Blues [Live in studio]  1:52

11 All Your Love [Live in studio]  6:40

12 Hey Babe [Live in studio]  4:48

13 Pain And Misery  5:46

14 The Tune (the chords my daddy taught me) [Live in studio]  5:25

15 Gave You My Heart (radio edit)   5:31


session one March 30, 2020  Premiered Apr 5, 2020

MC Shuffle
Vision Of Two

session two April 4, 2020  Premiered Apr 12, 2020
Most Times You Got It
Play A Simple Tune
Hard Days And Long Nights

session three April 12, 2020  Premiered Apr 19, 2020
Long Way To Go
Sunshine Lady

session four April 19, 2020  Premiered April 26, 2020
My Woman Darn Left Me
Coming Back Home

session five   April 26, 2020  Premiered May 3, 2020
Must be On My Own
Another Time

session six  May 3, 2020  Premiered May 10, 2020
Crawling on the Floor
Started Again

session seven  May 12, 2020  Premiered May 17, 2020
Imaginations and Mind Games
Times Just Keeps Calling

session eight  May 19, 2020  Premiered May 24, 2020
Work So Hard
I’m Nobody’s Fool

session nine  May 23, 2020  Premiered May 31, 2020
Angel Eyes
Keep Walking

session one  May 30, 2020  Premiered June 7, 2020
Gave You My Heart
All I Really Know
Step By Step

session two  June 6, 2020  Premiered June 14, 2020
My Shadow
Funk “N” Blues”

session three  June 21, 2020  Premiered June 28, 2020
All Your Love
Hey Babe

session four  June 25, 2020  Premiered July 26, 2020
Pain and Misery
The Tune (the chords my daddy taught me)

Bonus Features
Gave You My Heart (official music video)
Impromptu “JBTV Revisited”

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